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May I borrow that thought? Coming from the corporate world with 35 years as a consultant and software developer, Ron speaks your language. This makes him an ideal choice for your next corporate eve

Psychic Entertainer Paul Alberstat has travelled worldwide astounding audiences with his unique style of mystery entertainment for my re than 30 years. Make your event one that's talked about for ages

Juliet grew up with hypnosis always being a vital part of her life. Her German grandmother, who was a healer and hypnotist honed Juliet’s hypnotic skills. Today Juliet is a hypnotherapist and mental

For thousands of years, people have been enthralled by psychics and palm readers and their ability to peek into the future. Others have been equally bewildered by hypnotists and mentalists with their

ILLUSIONS OF MIND Dr. Kruti Parekh is a specialist in CO –CREATION OF CUSTOMIZED SESSIONS with theme of the conference / meet / Program INNOVATIVE IDEA & FORMATS to encourage collaborat

“Welcome! My name is Chad Chesmark and I’m here to help you create an outstanding corporate event. I will unite people at your corporate events with unforgettable, customized, comedy, magic &

Psychic entertainer has traveled the world astounding audiences everywhere as he demonstrates some of the many abilities the human mind is capable of. See inexplicable demonstrations of impossible phe

Andrew Nadon is a Little Mentalist with an unusual flair for messing with minds in the best, and most positive of all possible ways! He uses his talents as a magician and mentalist to take you on a jo

Magic and Comedy for Corporate and Private Events. From Trade Shows to Sales Meetings. From Weddings to BIrthday Parties.

Joe M. Turner - the "Chief Impossibility Officer" Corporate speaker, mentalist, and magician

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